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Brand Identity

Comprehensive Branding

Branding is the glue that ties all the pieces of your business together. Without it, customers can become confused about the direction of your brand or what it stands for. That could mean time and money spent down the drain.

That’s where comprehensive branding comes into play. One look and feel for your business across all mediums. From your logo and website to print materials like brochures or flyers, one cohesive design.


Give Your Business A Winning Look

CP Media can increase your brand awareness with a comprehensive branding package tailored specifically for your business and its needs. Tie in one look for print materials, social media channels, and of course, your website.


As a business, your logo is your first chance at making a good impression. If your logo is dull, chances are your potential clientele will view your business in the same light. Don’t leave your logo to some cut rate company overseas. After all, your logo is the face of your business.

Fonts & Colors

Font and color matching are two of the more critical components when it comes to branding. Complimentary colors make for aesthetically pleasing designs that are easy on the eyes. Same goes for fonts. Fonts that are easy to read but also stand out work best.


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Branding Services


Need a logo? We'll build you a logo from scratch that fits your style and brand.


Hand your next potential a business card that makes your company stand out.


Need channel art to match your brand or posts for your Instagram feed? We do that too.


Need a media guide for your team? Sports fans everywhere delight. We've got you covered.

& Flyers

Want to advertise your services or upcoming event? Let us design your brochure or flyer.


The definitive guide to your company's style and branding. Fonts, colors and all.